I was two years into my relationship with the love of my life and I couldn’t stand the sight of him.

We hadn’t seen each other for months. Shortly after our first anniversary I took a temporary job with a conservation agency in Belize, finally acting on my long-time dream of living abroad. To our mutual surprise, we found that what began as “casual dating” was too serious to cut and run. We agreed to try long distance. Before I finished processing what that meant, eight months had passed and we were reuniting in Guatemala to travel together.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Every day…

The first time I read the description in my guide book, I slammed the book shut, shivered and thought, “How did they know?”

Northern Nicaragua had appealed to me for its cool mountain weather, political culture, diverse ecosystems, and world-class coffee. After three weeks in the region I was full of caffeine, new information, and mountain air, but I was missing the one experience I craved the most: hiking in a cloud forest.

Much of the Central American cloud forest has been developed into farmland, and opportunities to experience it are surprisingly difficult to find. As a result, I’d become…

Caitlin Furio

Caitlin (she/they) is a Brooklyn-based white antiracist writer and activist. She writes personal essays about justice, white supremacy, ethics, and travel.

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